A Private guide is in essence a naturalist with many years of experience and an extensive knowledge of, and passion for, the areas in which they work. These guides are able to accompany your party throughout all or part of your safari in their particular country or countries of operation and can turn the trip into the experience of a lifetime.

Having an intimate knowledge of Fauna, Flora, culture, history and the area’s in which they specialise, they are able to expose the relevant highlights, adding continuity and depth throughout your journey, and effectively tailor making your experience around any special interests you may have.  Many TRAVELLERS return year after year to be guided by a particular guide with whom they have built up a relationship on previous trips.  

The selection of truly brilliant guide is the most essential factor in planning a successful trip. Today the experience and expertise of your guide is often overlooked in a race to promote 5 star ratings or fill back-to-back itineraries. I firmly believe your guide is the single most important element in a safe and successful Safari, the true value in the equation - the difference between a run of the mill experience and a life changing one!

When travelling with a private guide, they will meet you at your arrival destination and will be on hand to guide you personally into Africa’s wilderness. they will be involved with every facet of your journey- indeed your trip success and your safety will be their utmost priority at all times.

The quality of your guide, quite simply, makes or breaks your safari.